Bull Teams Up with The Kansas City Steak Co.

BULL Outdoor Products have teamed up with the Kansas City Steak Company to provide the ultimate BULL BBQ Grilling Experience at this years BULL Burger Battles. Each event this year will feature an area dedicated to giving the consumer a tangible experience with BULL’s premium line of BBQ Grills. There they will be able to touch and feel the quality of a BULL Grill, as well as turn it on and feel the heat. To compliment this experience the Kansas City Steak Company will be providing samples of their premium cuts of beef and burgers that will be grilled up for the public to test drive. “This is a great match up because both companies share a lot of the same customers” said BULL’s Marketing Manager Wade Fortin when asked about the partnership. “Grilling and Steaks go hand in hand so its just made sense for us to team up”. Come out to a BULL Burger Battle near you to experience what BULL and the KC Steak Company have to offer!

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