Our Outdoor Stainless Steel Grills are designed with our Proprietary ReliaBull Even Heat Technology and are built to last, with lifetime warranties on all fireboxes, cooking grates, and premium cast stainless steel burners

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ReliaBull Even Heat Technology

When you buy a grill, don’t you think you should be able to use the whole thing? At Bull Outdoor, we think so. That’s why, with the help of the engineering experts at California Polytechnic, we created the ReliaBULL technology. This new technology improves heat distribution on your grill by 250%. The ReliaBULL flame tamers create a more even grilling surface, eliminating hot and cold spots, so that you can use your entire grilling surface. Our second generation ReliaBull technology also include new and improved outdoor stainless steel grill burners with even heat baffle design.

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