Orange Beach, AL
The top Burger Masters in the world came together to see who would be crowned the 2016 World Burger Champion at the 5th annual World Food Championships held at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. Bull Outdoor Products sponsored a total of seven teams to represent the company and the five Burger Battle Host Sites. With the help of Coach and former 2x World Burger Champion, Wade Fortin, Team Bull was able to get two teams into the final round of ten. Ron Otto representing Carddine Backyard Experts finished in 10th with his BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. This automatically confirms his place on Team Bull 2017 and entry into next year’s World Food Championships. Andrew Wiegand, the former teammate of Coach Fortin, is no stranger to winning at the World Food Championships. He was an integral part of Wade’s two world titles and this year he proved he could go out on his own and compete with the best as he took home Third place. He represented American Sale out of the Chicago area and has been able to do this for the last four years and will again next year as he also woill be on Team Bull 2017. The other members of the team, Craig Baker from Family Leisure, Dana Reed from Best in Backyards, Daniel Wnek from American Sale, and Michael Carbo from Goodwood Hardware, all did great and came away from the event with a sense of pride to be a part of Team Bull. The also now have the Unique experience to know what it takes to perform and compete at the toughest Burger Battle in the World.

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