2019 Ultimate Grilling Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Buying Guide for The Grill Master
Let’s face it, we can all struggle at times trying to figure out the perfect gift for the grill master in our lives. With a million options available in today’s marketplace the task can be daunting, and you can easily find yourself feeling overwhelmed. That is why Bull has demystified the gift buying process by highlighting the very best products that will be sure to impress the most discerning of grilling enthusiast.

10. The Bull Pizza-Q Pizza Stone: The Bull Pizza-Q Pizza Stone is one of the most versatile grilling accessories. Not only can you make authentic pizzeria style pies, but it has the unique ability to divert the heat of the grill and create a convection heat which effectively turns your grill into an oven allowing you to bake and roast.

9. 20 or 30 oz. ReliaBull Tumblers: A perfect gift for the serious outdoor entertainer. These stainless-steel tumblers can keep beverages hot or cold for hours at a time and are available in two sizes. With a special vacuum insulated design, warm beer or cold coffee are a thing of the past.

8. Xtra Large bamboo Chopping Block: If your special someone likes to grill a lot, then they would love the Bull 22” Bamboo Chopping Block. Bamboo is well-known to naturally replenish itself, making these eco-friendly Bull Chopping Blocks an Outdoor Kitchen must have. These Bull Bamboo Chopping Blocks are extremely durable, less prone to bacteria build-up than wood, composed of natural bamboo and can handle the toughest cutting and chopping jobs. The jumbo 330 sq. inch cutting area is designed with built in handles and perimeter trough to keep your workstation clean and organized.

7. BBQ Rubs: BULL Steak & Burger BBQ Rub and Sweet Heat Rub were developed by two-time World Burger Champion Wade Fortin and are perfect for all types of meat especially steaks, and burgers, and chops. A dash of Bull Rub can give your food the extra kick it needs to be a world class dish.

6. Large EZ Fill Smoke Box: The Ez-Fill Smoker Box gives you the ability to add a delicate layer of smoke to a variety of grilled foods prepared on a BBQ Grill. Specially designed to fit in between the Burners of the Bull Grill, the Bull EZ Fill Smoker Box has a sliding lid that makes adding more wood chips super easy.

5. Pit Mitt: The Bull pit mitt can withstand extreme heat up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit (276 degrees Celsius) and is reversible to fit both left and right hands. A perfect gift that gives you the protection of a heavy-duty potholder, but with added finesse and dexterity to easily handle any grilling action.

4. Slide in griddle: The Bull professional Slide-In Removable Griddle Plate turns your Bull Grill into a Commercial Flat Top Griddle, perfect for making Tacos, Pancakes, Eggs and so much more. Constructed with a heavy-duty chromium plated design and large grease reservoir this gift is a must have addition to your grill.

3. Reversable rib and roasting rack: Have you ever wanted to cook a big roast on your grill? Well now you can with the Bull Reversible Roasting/Rib Rack. The Solid Stainless-steel rugged accessory can cook up to six slabs of ribs upright at one time and when flipped can grill a small turkey, chicken, or large roast.

2. Jumbo Diablo Stainless steel skewer: If there is one skewer to rule them all then the Bull Diablo Stainless Steel Skewer is the one to choose. Specially designed for large grills, this skewer can be loaded with big cuts of meat to bring out your inner Brazilian Churrasco. If you were looking for the “wow” factor in gift giving, then look no further.

1. 3-piece tool set: This is the ultimate accessory gift pack and that’s why it’s the number one on our list. This pack has everything you need to grill including the super durable grill brush, spatula, and tongs. This tool set comes complete with contoured hardwood handles and generously sized tools that allow you the dexterity to handle any food that blesses your grill.

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