With a BULL BBQ you will be cooking wicked BBQ for a lifetime! Q & A with the World Burger Champion

Rusty Johnson took home the title of World Burger Champion at the 2015 World Food Championships and has been very busy to say the least. He recently appeared on Canadian TV as well as winning a Grand Championship at a recent BBQ event. We had a chance to catch up with Rusty to see what he thinks about BULL and why BULL was a key part of his WFC success.

BULL: How did the BULL grill contribute to your World Burger Championship win?
Rusty: I loved using the BULL BBQs provided to me. I knew going in to the competition the grill was not going to be a problem. These things get HOT. The searing ability from a BULL gas grill is second to none. I am always able to get an awesome crust on my burgers due to the intense heat it puts out. Also I learned quickly the heat distribution is very even. No hot and cold spots which could ruin my competition patties.

BULL: What separates the BULL grill from the other grills you have used?
Rusty: The build quality stands out right away. Before my BULL I had another competitors BBQ sitting on my patio. While setting up the BULL you could see the difference. Not just in over all look of quality but the weight of the grill. The weight means more steel and thicker components to hold the test of time. This thing looks sweet. The next big thing you notice is the short time it takes to get this bad boy roaring hot. The grill at its highest heat is unlike any gas grill I’ve ever used.

BULL: What is your favorite thing to cook on a BULL?
Rusty: Steaks, definitely steaks. Steaks are meant to cook on high heat grills and the bull does just that. I’ve never had a gas grill that will give me that ‘Chicago’ style steak appearance before, that really dark crust.

BULL: Any unique tips or tricks that you have found you can do with a BULL?
Rusty: On a BULL charcoal Bison cart you can smoke all kinds of meat very easily. Because of the three chamber charcoal basket it makes it very easy for you to keep your hot coals away from your food, creating an indirect cooking zone. Also with the two vents in the lid you can close the side opposite the meat in order to have smoke flow evenly though the cooking chamber. Also by adjusting these output vents you can control the internal temperature very easily.

BULL: Would you recommend a BULL to a friend and if so why?
Rusty: I would DEFINITELY recommend this product to all. A product like this will be able to last you a lifetime. Nothing is worse than buying a BBQ you will only get a couple years out of (usually 2-3 good years max). With a BULL BBQ you will be cooking wicked BBQ for a lifetime!

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