The “East Meets West” Burger Wins the Best Burger in Chicago!

With the heat index well over 100 degrees and the humidity off the charts, the 2016 Chicago Bull Burger Battle held at the American Sale in Orland Park was sure to be the ultimate test of fire. The competitor field was stacked with some of the best Burger Masters in the area, let alone the country. Two past Chicago Burger Battle Champions rounded off a field of 16 teams including several teams that have World Food Championship experience. One competitor, Lance Avery of Big Fork’s brand Bacon Sausage, came in 4th place in last year’s World Burger Championship. To match such a talented group of cooks American Sale was able to retain the judging services of a World Recipe Champion, a certified Master BBQ Judge, two Executive Chefs, and a Grilling and BBQ Guru. The Burden to find a winner was no easy task to take on. In the end Daniel Wnek came out on top with his “East Meets West” burger. An Asian inspired creation that was topped with a pickled daikon radish slaw and a patty that was so good that it melted in your mouth. American Sale has always been well represented at the WFC with past 2x World Burger Champion Wade Fortin coming out of a Chicago Burger Battle. Reed now joins the other members of Team Bull 2016 and set his sights on the ultimate prize of World Burger Champion.

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