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I love ordering pizza as much as the next guy but let’s face it nothing beats the bubbling cheesy goodness of freshly grilled pizza! You might not realize it but cooking a homemade pizza on your Bull Grill will take just about as long as ordering from your favorite pizza joint. The process is made easier and quicker by using store bought pizza dough (yes it exists and is great!), a PizzaQue Pizza Stone, and Bull Grill. Jump to Recipe

Remember to work quickly and heavily flour your pizza peel so that your pizza slides onto your pizza stone with ease.

When you’re making a pizza at home you’re only limited by your imagination and ingredients! Normally I start off with a pound of pizza dough to make a 12 inch pizza on my PizzaQue Pizza Stone. The process of assembling the pizza can be pretty easy and straightforward. In some stores they sell dough that is already stretched out while other doughs need a little work. In a pinch I’ve also used Naan bread or other styles of flat bread to act as the base for a pizza but the cooking time will be considerably less.

Take your time to make sure your Bull Grill & Bull PizzaQue Pizza Stone are both preheated. I use my Bull Infrared Thermometer to check the surface temperature of the stone. A range of 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for a pizza.
Because of the intense heat you’ll be cooking your pizza at, your PizzaQue Pizza Stone is going to start to develop baked on gunk but that is totally normal. One of the things that makes the stone great is the fact that it is porous (which is why it will look dirty) but you need to resist the urge to use soap because soap will soak into your stone. I clean the stone with a little bit of water (DO NOT submerge it in water) and the Bull PizzaQue Stone Scrubber to remove baked on & burnt pieces while keeping my stone smooth. After I clean the stone I let it air dry overnight.

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