Grill For Good: Bull Grills fights hunger in Haiti

When Bull Outdoor Products decided to give back to those less fortunate, the company chose to focus on food and hunger. In 2014, Bull partnered with charitable organization For A Reason(FAR) and started the annual Grill for Good foundation.
The concept for the charity arose from a visit to Haiti that same year. Barbara Nureddine, Bull CEO Mark Nureddine’s wife, toured an elementary school in rural Haiti, an area of subsistence farming where families earn less than $2 a day. For most of these students, their school lunch is their only meal of the day.

One of the large kettles used to cook lunch for the school children

At the food preparation area, Barbara was shocked by what she saw. There were only a handful of women preparing lunch in large kettles over open fires near the classroom buildings. “The first time I went down there, I was absolutely sick to my stomach when I saw that these women were cooking for children out in the dirt,” she has said. Even more shocking, the small group would have to feed 180 students.
“Barbara knew immediately that Bull Outdoor Products could help provide these students and their schools with nutritious meals prepared in a sheltered kitchen facility,” says Wade Fortin, Bull marketing manager. “Being a company that manufactures cooking appliances, it is very important to us to help those who are less fortunate, especially when it comes to the basic human need to eat a decent meal.“
Grill for Good’s partner FAR provides tuition and support for Haitian students from kindergarten through college. Through the foundation, Bull is building cafeterias in Haiti so the schools can efficiently provide healthier foods for the kids.
“We hope that each student sponsored by FAR graduates from college and goes on to make their communities a better place,” Fortin adds. “Research has found that students who are properly fed do better in school.

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