Father and Son Team Dominate San Diego Burger Battle

The father and son duo of Ron and Matt Otto were the last team standing at this year’s Sand Diego Bull Burger Battle. Having to face off against the best burger masters in southern California the two, led by the elder head cook Ron, executed a near perfect Polynesian inspired burger that thrilled the panel of judges. Ron has competed in every Bull Burger Battle since its inception and this year was his year to be crowned champion. Ron Walked away with a sponsorship for the 2016 World Food Championships and a Bull Premium BBQ Grill which is the exact Grill that will be used in the 2016 World Burger Championship. Now Ron has to set his sights on winning the World Burger Championship that is being held in Orange Beach Alabama where he will face some of the toughest food sport competitors in the world. By joining Team Bull Otto will have one distinct advantage over the rest of the World Championship field in that he will have former two time World Burger Champion Wade Fortin as his coach. Fortin has made it known that he is determined to see all of the seven teams that are representing Team Bull in the burger category final top ten.

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