Grilling the Perfect Pizza

Chef Anthony Serrano
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  • Begin by preheating your Bull Grill and PizzaQue Pizza Stone together. I place my stone in the middle of the grill and turn all my burners to high. Normally after 15-20 minutes I check the grill using my infrared thermometer and once your stone has reached 600-700 degrees it is pizza ready.
  • Prep an area to make your pizza. Start with a clean and heavily floured flat surface. I like using cornmeal but all purpose flour works great to keep your dough from sticking to the surface.
  • If you're not comfortable working with dough and throwing it in the air like they do on TV use a rolling pin, wine bottle, or other cylinder shaped object to flatten your dough. The important part of this step is not to overwork your dough. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle and in fact I think an oval/rectangular pizza tastes better :)!
  • Once you've stretched out your dough quickly transfer it to a heavily floured pizza pan, cutting board, or Bull Pizza Peel. From here on out speed is key so that your pizza doesn't stick to your Pizza Peel.
  • Add your sauce and toppings to the pizza and place on your Pizza Stone.
  • If you've worked quickly and heavily floured your pizza peel your pizza should slide off pretty easily on to your pizza stone.
  • Close the lid and check your pizza in 5 minutes then turn your pizza 180 degrees with the pizza peel and close the lid for another 5 minutes. After about 10 minutes your pizza should be perfect! Slide the pizza peel under your pizza to check doneness and remove from the stone & grill.
  • I let my pizza rest at least 2-3 minutes in a warm area before I slice it.